Civil law

Substantive civil law, or Civil Law for short, is most likely the most extensive branch of the Czech legal order. Initially, it essentially overlapped with private law, but then gradually some areas began to separate into distinct branches of law. We mostly provide clients with services related to property rights (jura in rem), obligations, probate, and intellectual property. It goes without saying that we are prepared to provide legal advice that takes into account the New Civil Code.

Commercial law

We provide both legal entities and natural persons with comprehensive services and advice in Commercial Law, which is an area of private law. It governs property relationships of businesses and relationships between them related to their business activities. To some extent, commercial law also governs relationships between non-business parties and certain public law relationships between businesses and the State.

Company law

Expertise that will come in handy to business people and legal entities that do business at a European level. They can use either of the two supranational types of companies: the European Company or the European Cooperative Society. We provide legal assistance and advisory for both of these alternatives to the national company types.

Debt recovery

Our services can be fully utilized to recover debt in and out of court. We always provide legal assistance through the optimum debt recovery process from the client’s perspective and recommend the procedure which is the most advantageous. Then we take care of all the formal requirements and necessary documents.

Family law

Primarily to individuals, we provide comprehensive advice covering the entire range of legal regulation of personal and property relations between family members. The main source of Czech family law is the Family Act.

Finance law

We offer advisory services and assistance in the highly specialized area of Finance Law, which is a distinct branch of public law. Financial legal relationships are those that involve, directly or indirectly, money or payments. One of the parties is often the State as represented by public authorities or public administration.

Labour law

Relationships between employees, employers as well as other entities are an integral part of our legal practice. Labour law encompasses elements of private and public law. It governs relationships between employees and employers, industrial relations of a collective nature, some legal relationships prior to the formation of employment agreements, and occupational health and safety.

Legal assistance to municipalities

Our law firm provides legal and advisory services to municipalities in the Czech Republic under long term agreements or on an ad hoc basis. Advisory includes issues related to both private and public law.

Procedural law

We provide our clients with all the acts ensuing from the set of laws and regulations governing procedure, i.e. the way of enforcing one’s rights or of performing one’s subjective obligations. Procedural rights are always derived rights. Without an underlying (subjective) substantive right, they would be devoid of meaning because there would be nothing to realize.

Public procurement

For bidders, we prepare the documents necessary to participate in tendering processes, and for contracting entities and authorities we prepare public procurements so that they satisfy stringent anti-corruption criteria and inspections by governmental supervisory bodies.

Real estate law

We provide our clients with comprehensive services relating to real estate transactions in the Czech Republic and beyond. We are the right professionals to prepare and draft all the documentation if you need to sell, buy, lease or charge a property in full compliance with the law. We also handle the settlement of property restitution claims and mortgages.

Representation in court

Representing clients in court is an integral part of the services provided by the law firm Olejníček et Soter Legal. We provide advice, analyze legal issues and suggest the best way to proceed and the best solution. We represent clients before civil, commercial and administrative jurisdictions.

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